Saturday, January 23, 2010


Parker and Daddy did a fantastic job building this redneck snowman with a missing tooth and a dirty ball cap.

Reece and I took Parker sledding today. It was a beautiful day. Parker was awesome. It was his first time, and I thought he might be a chicken, but he loved it. I think Reece and I had just as much fun as he did. I was pregnant all last winter, so it was the first time I've been sledding in a long time. Parker doesn't have very good snow boots and his feet got really cold after about an hour so we went home, but Reece and I didn't want to very bad. We went with Klay and his boys and Leon, Kristi, and Kylah.

On New Years weekend, grandma and grandpa Wright, Joe and Carla, and Newt and Joelee, came up for our annual Wright Christmas party, only it got postponed until New Years. Reece, Orrin, Joe and I stayed up till midnight playing dominoes. Everyone else went to bed. It was a fun weekend. Wish we could see them more.
Grandpa playing Parker's Deer hunting game he got for Christmas. The adults played it more than the kids.

Christmas Eve at my parents house with Kenz and Randan.
Thanksgiving weekend. We all went Temple square then had dinner at the Spaghetti factory. Macee slept all while we were at the temple. Its a good thing cause it was kinda chilly.


We have gotten tons and tons of snow. It has snowed all week. Today is finally a clear and beautiful day, so Reece and I took Parker sledding. He was such a big boy. He went down by himself fast and hiked back up the big hill. I got some cute pictures but my computer won't read my camera card, so I'll have to do it the long way. Pictures to come later!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years

I know its been a really long time since I last posted. My computer is getting old and dosen't always read my photo card so I haven't uploaded any pictures in a long time, so I will just do a little update and post pictures another day.
For Halloween Paker dressed up as the tin man from Wizard of Oz and Macee was a lion. They were very cute and Parker won best costume at the carnival. He had school on Thursday and they were suppose to wear their costumes, but he wouldn't so I was a little nervous he wouldn't dress up for the carnival or Halloween but he did.
For Thanksgiving, we went up to Bountiful and had a wonderful time with all my family. On Thanksgiving day Reece, Randan, kenz, Dad and I went to the Jazz game. Friday morning we went shopping with all the crazies and had a good time. We only went to a few stores so it wasn't too bad. Saturday we went down to temple square and saw the Christmas lights. They were beautiful. Then we went to dinner at Trolley Square at the Spaghetti Factory.
For Christmas we stayed home. It was pretty much a repeat of last year, so you could look at last christmas's post to find out about it. We had a good time and we were all spoiled. Parker was really excited about santa coming. The weekend before Christmas was the Staheli family Christmas Party on Saturday which was a ton of fun as always. On that Friday Reece and I took the kids to the live Nativity at Tuachan. Parker really liked the camel, and he even sat on a ladder next to Santa all by himself.
For New Years, Reece's mom's side of the family came for a late Christmas party from Arizona. Once again the kids were spoiled and super excited to open presents. On New Years eve, Reece and I played dominoes with Orrin and Reece's uncle Joe. We were able to stay awake until the New Year. yay for us. The Saturday morning, we headed down to the Cracker Barrel for some yummy food for breakfast and we spent the day shopping with Reece's parents.
Last weekend, Reece's cousin, Kyson, was married, and we were able to attend the Temple with them in the same sealing room we were sealed in 5 1/2 years ago. My how time flies when you're having fun. After the sealing, I wanted to run to Petco to get a new sucker fish for our fish tank. We walked out of there about an hour later with 5 fish, 2 swimming frogs, and a full grown male cat named zoom. Note to self: Don't take the kids to the pet store next time. Parker really wanted the cat, so we adopted him. He is a huge beautiful cat that is kind of having a hard time adjusting to his new home. He's not sure of everything yet. My goal is to turn him into an inside outside cat in the near near future, but I don't want him to run away so for now he is inside. Well sorry for the long long post with no pictures, but I was reading other blogs and was kinda annoyed with the people that haven't updated since Thanksgiving, then realized it had been since the middle of October since I had. I'm telling ya time goes by way too fast.
Also an update on my kiddos. Parker is completely potty trained finally, and Macee is crawling and starting to pull up on things at only 6 months. My baby is no longer a cuddly baby she is getting too big.