Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deer camp

Deer camp was a lot of fun. Reece has wanted to have a big deer camp every year, but it never happens. We didn't have everyone, but more than in years past since I've been in the family. Reece would like for everyone to just plan on camping for the deer hunt whether they had tags or not so we could all get together. We always have so much fun when all the Staheli's get together. There was my family, Orrin and Georgia, Meg and Trav, Ben, Shan, and kids, and a guy that works with Ben and one of his family members. We stayed in a tent with a wood stove. The kids both slept great and slept throught the nights, but Reece and I were up throughout the night trying to keep wood in the stove burning. We only took a little blanket because we thought the stove would burn longer than it did, but it still worked out great for us becuase the kids stayed warm. I brought them a bunch of blankets. We went out Friday afternoon and stayed until Monday afternoon. The weather was great. Parker had fun playing with Addilee, Patton, and Mylee. The kids were filthy dirty each night but I just cleaned him off with a wipee. We really roughed it this time. I never came back into town, the kids didn't have a bath the whole time, and we all slept in a tent. It's been a while since we've slept all nights of our camping trip in a tent. Usually we wimp out after the first night and either sleep in Georgia's trailer or we come home to sleep in our own beds. Orrin shot a deer Sunday night. Reece and Parker were both with him. Parker wasn't sure about the deer riding in the back of the jeep with him. He didn't like it too much. When they got back they hung it up in a tree and skinned it with Trav's help. Parker didn't like the "bleed" he kept telling me. He did stand with grandpa for a few pictures though. Reece still hasn't filled his tag. He's hoping to have some luck in the next few days since it ends Sunday. Well that's enough for one day, sorry it's so much. I'm caught up now so I don't have to post for a few months again. Although that will be Christmas so hopefully I get a post before then (just for you kenz if nothing else). Oh, a little about the pictures. The kids thought they were pretty funny pushing their faces up against the screen door. They laughed and laughed. Georgia and I watched the kids each morning while everyone else went hunting. Reece was apparently pooped after keeping the stove going all night and then an early morning hunt, he and Macee conked out in the chair. Parker was trying out his dads slingshot. He could actually shoot it. This is the digger we got him for his birthday. He thinks he's pretty good at it.

St. George Marathon

The first weekend in October was the Marathon. Macee, Parker, and I went down to St. George on Friday night and spent the night at my mom and dad's place down there with my mom. Dad fixed us yummy spaghetti with chicken. Ralph gobbled it all up. Then dad went back to Enterprise to sleep the night in his own bed. That way he was able to just drive to Central and not have to deal with the buses from St. George. This was the first year I didn't have to wake up super early to go with my mom to drop him off in Central and drive through by six. It was wonderful to sleep in a little. We went the night before and saved our seat near the finish line so we didn't have to worry about having a place to sit. We got to the finish line as the first male was crossing the finish line. Dad finished in 3 hours 4 minutes. I love going to support the runners, and especially my dad. He is such a great example to us all. Both kids were really good. Parker just played with a truck and Macee slept the whole morning in my sling. Reece went out to the Peaks with his family to hunt for a spike. They camped Friday night and Saturday night and came home Sunday afternoon. They got another bucket of pinenuts so at least they got something.

Pinenut picking

We went pinenut picking the last weekend of September with Orrin and Georgia. It was kinda spur of the moment trip. We had good luck the little bit that we picked pinenuts. We mostly rode the rhino around. We went 60 miles and were filthy dirty by the end of the day. The roads were quite dusty. It was beautiful weather and a nice relaxing day. Macee and Parker were both great. As you can see, I just put Macee out on a blanket on the ground while we gathered pine nuts. Together we got gallon bucket full. The following weekend, Reece and Orrin went spike hunting and got another bucket of pinenuts, but no spike.

Ralph's birthday

These are a few pictures from Parker's birthday. My cute little boy is three already. I can't believe how fast time really flies. At least I have a replica of him in Macee. She looks so much like Parker it's kinda scary. He had a good birthday. He got farm stuff and a digger for his sand box. He was pretty excited to have everyone over to his house. He is so funny, now whenever it's someones birthday he always says its his birthday too. He keeps telling me what santa is going to bring him for his birthday. He doesn't quite get it yet. We sure love him. I don't know what we did without him. We are constantly laughing at the things he says. A week or so before his birthday he started wanting to wear big boy pants, so he started going potty. He still has a few accidents but does pretty well overall.

Better late than never

Better late than never. These are a few pictures from Labor Day. Every year we go up on Cedar Mountain with all the Staheli's. We always have a lot of fun. Thanks for letting us stay in the cabin. Parker is always talking about Trav's cabin. Trav is his idol. Parker got to see a 'big buck' get skinned and hung up in a tree. He thought it was pretty cool. It was great weather and a lot of fun.