Monday, November 1, 2010

Macee the Monster

This is Macee our little monster. We lover her to death, but she's pretty naughty. She has attitude and spunk for herself and Parker. She's super bossy, and she doesn't even talk yet. She really pushes Parker around. She's way tougher than he is. I can't believe what a girl she is though. First thing when she gets to her grandma Georgia's house she has to get her purse, put the wallet in, put the cell phone in and get her baby. Then she walks around the house carrying her baby and talking on her phone with her purse on her shoulder. Where did this come from??? She acts a lot like her aunt Kenzie. Even with the attitude, she's still a really good busy baby. She eats good, sleeps good, plays good, and goes to the baby sitter good. She's so grown up already its sad. No bottles, no binkies, no sippies to go to bed, she's a big girl already. Now we just need to potty train, but I'm not ready to even try that one yet. We love Mace so much, and I'm not sure what we'd do without her.


Better late than never right? Parker turned 4 in September. I can't believe how fast time goes by. It seems like we just brought him home. Parker is such a good kid. He goes to two pre-schools two times a week and loves it. His favorite thing to do is ride his bike with the neighbor kids. I don't know what we're going to do when it gets too cold and yucky to ride. He is really quite awesome on it too. He pops wheelies and jumps it like he's 6 or 7 instead of 4. He is so funny. For some reason he thinks he's a little cowboy. He loves watching John Wayne movies. He outgrew his cowboy boots last spring so he has been wearing water boots all summer so grandpa Bill bought him some new cowboy boots for his birthday. He was so super excited. Grandma Georgia bought him some cowboy pants, as he calls them, and he was so excited he had to put them on right away. Every morning I fight with him about the pants he's going to wear because he will only wear cowboy pants which are wranglers or 20 x. I thought this wasn't suppose to happen for another few years and with girls not boys. Boy was I wrong.
We sure love this kid! So I remember here are some of the things Parker loves at 4:
John Wayne
cowboy boots
cowboy pants
riding bikes
wrestling with his dad
playing guns
making bike jumps
getting dirty
showers with dad or baths with sissy
drawing or coloring
playing with neighbor kids
reading books with mom
being at his grandparents' houses
playing with his cousin Addilee
Dora and Diego
hunting with daddy and grandpa
changing clothes