Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This summer we have been swimming and going to splash pads quite a bit already. Last summer, with me being preggo and then with a new born, we didn't go swimming once, so this year I'm trying to take the kids lots. So far we have gone at least once a week, and we've had so much fun but no camera to capture the fun times. Today I remembered it though. The kids had a blast swimming. I was surprised how long they lasted. We swam for an hour and a half, and I had to drag them out! Now I am enjoying some quiet time, while they take nice long naps. The kids are so much fun. I don't know what I did with myself before them. We are going to stay overnight at the St. George house and probably go swimming again tomorrow before we go home.

This is Macee's latest face that she pulls. Isn't it great?? She always looks at everyone with this look on her face. I'm not sure what it means. Also this is kinda how I've started doing her hair. I was doing headbands, she pulled them out, so I started doing a pigtail on top of her head, she pulls that out now so she always has a mohawk, and her hair doesn't lay flat, so I put some gel in it and it goes kinda curly and crazy. She is such a cutie!! I love her to pieces.

Parker was jumping in with his tube. He thought he was pretty big. He also kept putting his head in the water. Hopefully he'll be swimming with floaties before long.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend!!!

We went camping with Orrin and Georgia for Memorial Weekend. As always we had tons of fun. Reece and Parker went out Friday night. Macee and I went out Friday night after Susy Randall's viewing and ate hamburgers then we came back home, so I could attend Susy's funeral on Saturday. It was a great service. She was a really neat lady. Saturday afternoon Macee and I went out and camped the rest of the weekend with everyone. We couldn't have asked for better weather. It was great. We camped between the reservoir turn off and the reservoir. I've never seen so many people up there. It was packed. We rode the rhino and 4-wheeler, went fishing, took the dogs swimming, played in the dirt, played games, and ate good food. Parker was in heaven riding grandpa Orrin's 4-wheeler that he bought for the grandkids. He thought he was so big and cool to ride by himself. He did a great job although I was pretty nervous he was gonna run into a tree or get bucked off. He only had one close call, but he recovered it pretty well. Kenz and Randan came for the weekend. It was a short visit and spent between both of their families, but we did get to see them a little. They came up on Sunday afternoon and visited us. We took Ginger and Moby (the dogs) up swimming. Then we went back to camp for some yummy dutch oven chicken and potatoes. My mom and dad also came up and ate with us. On Monday we came home and worked out in the yard. Macee was in the water in no time and then played in the mud. She loves to get dirty. Monday night we ate with my parents and celebrated my dad's birthday.