Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Labor Day

For Labor Day we went up to Cedar Mountain again this year. This is Macee and her cousin Aspen. Macee just loves her to death. She thinks Aspen is her very own life size baby doll. She pats her on the back or bum, tries to feed her, and wants to hold her all the time. As long as she doesn't scare Aspen off, they will be the best of friends!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Boulder Mountain

The weekend before I went back to school, we went camping up on Boulder Mountain. We weren't sure where we were going because Reece always goes clear up on top, and we didn't want to go that far. We wanted to go around Posey Springs. Nobody wanted to come with us so just the four of us went. To make a long story short we didn't have the best of luck, when we pulled into Cedar and the tread separated from the tire, so we got that fixed and were on our way, then the poles on our tent broke, the zipper broke, our air mattress went flat, we didn't take enough gas for the Rhino, and Macee fell in a puddle of muddy water at 11,000 feet up (the temp was around 60 degrees and we were 20 miles from our camp) and ruined her only shoes I packed for her. Even with all of our bad luck, we had a blast. The weather was beautiful, the country was beautiful, and it was a great end of summer vacation for us. I hope we make it back next summer. We intended on staying Thursday morning through Sunday afternoon, but with no gas, no air mattress, and no shoes for Macee we decided to come a day early.


There was a rain storm sometime around the first of August. We had been up to Orrin and Georgia's, and as were were walking out to our truck, we saw a baby frog. Reece caught it for Parker so we went back into the house and got a cup for it. As were walking back out, I told Reece we should go frog hunting and catch Parker some frogs. He loves them and they usually live all summer in our irrigation box. So we headed out towards the Reservoir. We hadn't even got to Grants and Parker says "hey my baby frog isn't in the cup anymore" yep it jumped out in Reece's truck. Oops, apparently Parker's had isn't big enough to cover the top of the cup. So we get out to Jack Randall's and just round the corner and we find 3 big frogs and a baby frog. We put them all in the red cup, but this time I'm holding it now so they won't get out. Parker thought it was pretty awesome and wanted to show his grandma and grandpa so we took them back to Orrin's and showed them. Grandma about jumped out of her pants. They were chirping, and she thought they were mice for some reason. She's deathly afraid of mice. Then we took them over to my parents house, and we got the same reaction out of grandma Becky only she didn't think they were mice, she was just afraid of the frogs. So when we came home we got them out of the cups and showed them to Macee, and she freaked out. I don't know if it was a learned reaction from her grandmas or what, but she didn't want anything to do with them. Reece took the frogs out to the irrigation box. They stayed in there for a couple of days, but then Parker and the neighbor friends got them out and played with them and let them go. Now for some pictures of the frogs.

End of July

Im way behind on blogging so I 'm just going to do one post to sum up July. We had a lot of fun with BBQ's and family from both sides. Reece's cousin came up to ride bulls in the 24th of July Rodeos so we went to the rodeo all three nights. My grandparents and my aunt, uncle, and cousin all came down from Bountiful to spend the holiday with us. Reece and I ran the fun run. Parker and Macee both ran in the races at the church. Parker wouldn't run on the 4th of July, so I'm glad he raced in this one. Reece's birthday was the 25th and we celebrated it just hanging out with family and dancing in the rain. We also had a play date with aunt Shannon and the kids and Kristi and Kylah at the school. The kids all had a lot of fun and played really well together. Before we knew it we had been there for four hours and the kids were all starving for some lunch. Also one night we got together with the Bank's the Humphries and us. We went out to calf springs and had hot dogs and shot skeet. Here's some pictures that are out of order. 1st is play date, then calf springs, next is dancing in the rain on Reece's birthday with my grandparents down, and finally the 24th of July.