Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Can you tell who is who??
Life these days is pretty good. I don't like the month of January. It seems so long and cold and boring after the holidays are over. Time to get back to running and eating right and everything else we try to do better because its a new year. It usually doesn't seem to last much longer than January, but my goal is to keep my goals longer than January. Shouldn't be to hard since January is almost over right?? My biggest goal is to run the Hurricane Half Marathon April 30th. I never ran the Pine Valley 15 miler last summer that I wanted to. I'm staying positive and think I'll stick with it. It helps that its in the spring; gives me motivation to be in shape to start the summer. I'll be updating with how the training is going to keep me accountable to someone even if it's just the blog. I would love anyone that wants to, to run it with me!! I've just started training, and I just want to finish with out feeling like I've been run over.
This is Macee of late. She is super bossy and pushes me around until she gets what she wants. She beats Parker up all the time. The other day she plowed him over and was on top of him beating him up. Its really kinda hard not to laugh. Parker is too sweet and just cries. I keep telling him to toughen up and beat her up. Hopefully I don't regret that. The kids are both doing great. We've been pretty healthy. No strep!!! That has been so wonderful. Parker used to get it about once a month during the winter and every couple months in the summer. We had his tonsils removed in September, and he hasn't been sick yet. I love my kiddos!! They are growing up so fast and it makes me sad. I'm not cut out to be a stay at home mom though. That takes a special kind of woman, and I look up to those that do it.