Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update on the Staheli Clan

We took the Rhino out for the first time this spring with Meg and Trav. It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun. We went down and rode on Utah Hill. It was so nice to get out and get some sunshine. We went out last weekend. The previous weekend we stayed in the whole weekend with all four of us having the flu. YUCK!!! We hauled the little four wheeler out there for Parker to ride 50 yards, and then he said he was done. Funny kid.
These are some pictures of Mace enjoyin her favorite food ketchup with a little mustard this time. She loves it and eats it plain. She is a major dipper and licker, never eating the food she is dipping until the end. She dips 5 or 10 times for each bite.
These are some pictures I never posted from New Years Eve. We had a rockin party with Kenz and Randan. We played some games and then played the wii. This is Reece and Randan playin Just Dance 2. They rocked. Randan played balancing on one foot and still kicked butt. One pic they're doing a duet and the other the competing on the same dance. We laughed and laughed.
Everyone is doing good around here. We were really sick a couple of weeks ago, but it didn't last too long thankfully. Time is flying by. I'm amazed its been two months since my last post. We've been busy. I'm still training for the half marathon. I'm losing motivation, so I'm hoping I can keep it up for another 6 weeks. I've got a new principal at work and its a nice change. The kids all love him. Our dog, Ginger, a lab, is pregnant and about to have puppies so if anyone wants one let me know. She's getting close I think. My sister is getting close to having her baby. Only 7 weeks left. I can't wait. Its been a year since we've had a baby in the family. Reece got a new church calling and is in the young men. Kids are doing great. Mace still pushing everyone around and Parker's just growing up on me. He's learning his letters and sounds, eating like a boy, and riding his bike all over the place.