Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We are still here

We are still around. I haven't put any of my pictures from my camera onto my computer since Halloween so I haven't bothered with posting. I'll post some pictures if I ever get around to downloading them onto my computer. We had a great Holiday season. We went out of town for Thanksgiving and had a great time. We went with Reece's family. Christmas Eve we had dinner at my mom's and played games, then opened the traditional pjs and went home to our own house. Christmas day was busy. We started the morning at 5:20 at our own house so we could be over to my mom's by 6:00 otherwise Kenz would be knocking on our door. Then at 8:00 we had breakfast at Ben and Shannons. Then over to Orrin and Georgia's to open more presents. Parker loved it all and wanted to help everyone open their presents. He was so much fun this year. For New Years we played games with Reece's family which is always fun. Now it's back to school which I actually don't mind. It was good to have a break and spend time with Parker and Reece, but Parker became very attached having me home for two weeks and it was starting to drive me crazy. As I'm sure you noticed we are expecting number two due in June!! Pictures to come shortly hopefully ;)