Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Forgot Something!

We're expecting number 3 in early June!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another 4 months

Well, when you only update every four months the blog misses out on tons of pictures. We've been busy. Pictures are most recent to oldest. These are just a few highlights from the last 9 months. Parker played t ball and loved it. Reece and I took the kids to lake powell for a day and went fishing last spring. We caught tons of fish and had a blast. Mace was so wore out she fell asleep right on the sandstone in some shade created by the ice chest. Parker and Arhan are the best of friends and so much alike. Most summer days you'd find these two together riding bikes. This fall I've been to Oceanside twice. Wish it wasn't so far away and I'd go all the time. Mace loves her little cousin Emma so much. She names all her babies Emma. Reece and I went alone to help them move down, and then the kids and I went with my parents over labor day while Reece went hunting. The first of October, grandpa bill ran the St. George marathon. Mom and all us kids slept at the St. George house. Reece doesn't always make it to cheer grandpa bill on because of different hunts, but this year we were all there and it was a fun day with beautiful weather. My cute little trick or treaters were the cutest out there, and costumes were easy so that's always a plus. I may have influenced them a little on what they wanted to dress up as. Lastly: Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving was so good this year. We spent it in Enterprise for the first time since Reece and I have been married. We spent it with my family. Kenz, Randan, and Emma came up from Oceanside, and my aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandparents came down from Bountiful. We also got to see my dad's dad from Colorado Springs for lunch. It was such a good time. Kenz and I went black friday shoppin on Thursday night which was a first for both of us, we've never gone Thursday night before, but it was a blast. The walmart parking lot was packed from walmart to the petstore with nothing in between, except for the spot I was lucky enough to get three spots from the front doors. That was probably our biggest success. It was quite the night but we got what we were after! Wish they lived closer so we could do things more often. We stayed in town and got up for more on Friday. They boys were awesome and got the kids up and ready and brought them down, and even took them all shopping with them because we didn't have room. Good planning on our part.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 months and no excuses!

Well its been four months since I updated. I guess I'm due for one before school starts or I'll never get it done. We've been enjoying our summer. No big plans this year just spending time with family.
  • We've been swimming lots.
  • We've been to the lake with Ben and Shannon.
  • We've been camping, fishing, and lots of rhino rides.
  • Parker played his first year of T-Ball and loved every second of it.
  • We've been to rodeos and Parker chased chickens with no luck.
  • Reece and I raced in the fun run and had personal best times since being old!
  • We watched the parade and had a few bbqs.
  • We watched fireworks in Parowan at aunt Rita's on the 4th and at Ben and Shannon's on the 24th.
  • Parker and Macee raced in the foot races at the church on the 4th and 24th. On the 4th Parker won. The 24th there were a lot more people but he still did good.
  • School got out and we're about to start again.
  • I'm changing from second to third grade and still need to move my classroom into the building.
  • Yesterday my dad was in a car accident. I'm so grateful he's fine and no one else was involved. Once again I was reminded not to take life for granted. We never know when our loved ones might leave this life. While we were in the ER a cute little mother brought in her sweet 3 month old baby who passed away from sids. I can't imagine the pain of losing a parent or child, and I'm so blessed my dad was able to come home with us.
  • We may be driving to Oceanside CA this weekend to help Kenz move back.
Pictures will hopefully be coming soon. My connection is too slow and I'm not patient enough to wait for them to load.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update on the Staheli Clan

We took the Rhino out for the first time this spring with Meg and Trav. It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun. We went down and rode on Utah Hill. It was so nice to get out and get some sunshine. We went out last weekend. The previous weekend we stayed in the whole weekend with all four of us having the flu. YUCK!!! We hauled the little four wheeler out there for Parker to ride 50 yards, and then he said he was done. Funny kid.
These are some pictures of Mace enjoyin her favorite food ketchup with a little mustard this time. She loves it and eats it plain. She is a major dipper and licker, never eating the food she is dipping until the end. She dips 5 or 10 times for each bite.
These are some pictures I never posted from New Years Eve. We had a rockin party with Kenz and Randan. We played some games and then played the wii. This is Reece and Randan playin Just Dance 2. They rocked. Randan played balancing on one foot and still kicked butt. One pic they're doing a duet and the other the competing on the same dance. We laughed and laughed.
Everyone is doing good around here. We were really sick a couple of weeks ago, but it didn't last too long thankfully. Time is flying by. I'm amazed its been two months since my last post. We've been busy. I'm still training for the half marathon. I'm losing motivation, so I'm hoping I can keep it up for another 6 weeks. I've got a new principal at work and its a nice change. The kids all love him. Our dog, Ginger, a lab, is pregnant and about to have puppies so if anyone wants one let me know. She's getting close I think. My sister is getting close to having her baby. Only 7 weeks left. I can't wait. Its been a year since we've had a baby in the family. Reece got a new church calling and is in the young men. Kids are doing great. Mace still pushing everyone around and Parker's just growing up on me. He's learning his letters and sounds, eating like a boy, and riding his bike all over the place.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Can you tell who is who??
Life these days is pretty good. I don't like the month of January. It seems so long and cold and boring after the holidays are over. Time to get back to running and eating right and everything else we try to do better because its a new year. It usually doesn't seem to last much longer than January, but my goal is to keep my goals longer than January. Shouldn't be to hard since January is almost over right?? My biggest goal is to run the Hurricane Half Marathon April 30th. I never ran the Pine Valley 15 miler last summer that I wanted to. I'm staying positive and think I'll stick with it. It helps that its in the spring; gives me motivation to be in shape to start the summer. I'll be updating with how the training is going to keep me accountable to someone even if it's just the blog. I would love anyone that wants to, to run it with me!! I've just started training, and I just want to finish with out feeling like I've been run over.
This is Macee of late. She is super bossy and pushes me around until she gets what she wants. She beats Parker up all the time. The other day she plowed him over and was on top of him beating him up. Its really kinda hard not to laugh. Parker is too sweet and just cries. I keep telling him to toughen up and beat her up. Hopefully I don't regret that. The kids are both doing great. We've been pretty healthy. No strep!!! That has been so wonderful. Parker used to get it about once a month during the winter and every couple months in the summer. We had his tonsils removed in September, and he hasn't been sick yet. I love my kiddos!! They are growing up so fast and it makes me sad. I'm not cut out to be a stay at home mom though. That takes a special kind of woman, and I look up to those that do it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Again loaded pictures backwards. We had our annual Staheli Christmas party, and Santa and Mrs. Claus came and visited. This was the first year Parker wasn't afraid. Macee wasn't sure what to think. We played some minute to win it games and had lots of fun. The next evening we had our annual Wright (Georgia's family) Christmas Party. We had yummy fish and the kids got to open presents. My kids were spoiled rotten. Parker got a whole new cowboy outfit including the hat and buckle. I think Santa was stumped after this cuz all Parker has asked for was a cowboy hat. He was in heaven in his new cowboy clothes. The next picture up is our little family on Christmas Eve. This was our first year to get the kids jammies. In past years grandma becky has done it, but this year she said she wasn't doing it anymore so we got to start our own little tradition. Christmas Eve we went up to grandma Georgia's and had Navajo tacos. We had tons of food and grandma becky and grandpa bill were alone, so we invited them up to dinner too. Then we played catch phrase. Georgia didn't have a voice so there were lots of gestures as well. We had lots of fun and were sorry that Ben and Shannon and kids couldn't come over. Christmas morning we were up early so we could be over to grandma becky's at 6 am. Someone must have been good, cuz we were all spoiled. Grandpa bill cooked us breakfast, and then we went over to grandma georgia's where we were again spoiled. We had Christmas Dinner with my family and then had some good old fashioned fun on the wii. Wait, guess not old fashioned but still fun none the less. Sunday after dinner we went over to Shannon's and played Just Dance on the wii. Too bad for you we didn't get any pictures, but it was definitely one of the funniest things ever. Ben was the best dancer of us all, and I'm the loser. I never have been coordinated enough to dance, but thought I was at least better than Reece, but guess not. The kids were so much fun this year. On Christmas Eve Parker kept shouting out from his bedroom, "mom, go to bed so Santa can come." He probably shouted that 6 or 7 times. He was so excited. Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts. We love you all!!

P.S. Santa brought Parker a RC four wheeler, and he was very excited about his 'surprise'. (That's what he wanted when he got his hat last week, 'just a surprise')

Finally an update of the Staheli's

Well what else is new. I loaded my pictures in the wrong order. So they are from the most recent to the oldest and I'm just giving a short update. The first picture is of the grandkids with their great grandparents (Georgia's parents). We went down to Bullhead for Thanksgiving and had a good time. The next one is my little trick or treaters. We just went around the block and that was plenty for Parker he was ready to go home. The next two are at the St. George Marathon 2010 watching grandpa Bill. Parker and Reece went hunting and Randan was in Afganistan, so it was just the girls. Grandma Becky, Kenz, Mace, and I. Mace had just finished a chocolate popsicle. The marathon was super hot and runners were dropping like flies but grandpa finished in a great time and looks great for being a grandpa! The last picture is at the Hogle Zoo. Reece and I took the kids up to the zoo for the first time. They loved seeing all the animals and seeing great grandma and grandpa Wallace. There's an update of four months in just a short paragraph. We are doing well and can't complain.