Saturday, April 17, 2010

Puppies for sale

I have six puppies for sale. We are asking $100 or best offer. If you know anyone looking for a great family dog send them our way. They are purebred labs. There are 4 white and 2 black. 1 female of each color, and the rest are males. This is the mother. She is a very white and a good dog. She is wonderful with kids. The father is a chocolate lab. Leave a comment or email us. if you're interested or know of anyone who is.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Month Gone

Well another month has come and gone since my last post. We have done some fun things this past month. I even have pictures to show for it, but I don't have the internet at my home right now so I haven't posted them yet. Finally a good excuse as to why it has been five weeks with no update. I'm going to St. George today and hopefully they can help me. Macee thought she needed the verizon wireless card out of my computer and helped herself to it. My sweet sis mailed me her old one, but I need to get it activated or something, so hopefully I'll get it working today. Here's something funny Parker keep's saying " mom I'm gonna invite myself over to grandma Becky's house k?" then he says it a couple more times and heads on over. I'm not really sure what he's meaning to say, but I think it's pretty funny.