Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Again loaded pictures backwards. We had our annual Staheli Christmas party, and Santa and Mrs. Claus came and visited. This was the first year Parker wasn't afraid. Macee wasn't sure what to think. We played some minute to win it games and had lots of fun. The next evening we had our annual Wright (Georgia's family) Christmas Party. We had yummy fish and the kids got to open presents. My kids were spoiled rotten. Parker got a whole new cowboy outfit including the hat and buckle. I think Santa was stumped after this cuz all Parker has asked for was a cowboy hat. He was in heaven in his new cowboy clothes. The next picture up is our little family on Christmas Eve. This was our first year to get the kids jammies. In past years grandma becky has done it, but this year she said she wasn't doing it anymore so we got to start our own little tradition. Christmas Eve we went up to grandma Georgia's and had Navajo tacos. We had tons of food and grandma becky and grandpa bill were alone, so we invited them up to dinner too. Then we played catch phrase. Georgia didn't have a voice so there were lots of gestures as well. We had lots of fun and were sorry that Ben and Shannon and kids couldn't come over. Christmas morning we were up early so we could be over to grandma becky's at 6 am. Someone must have been good, cuz we were all spoiled. Grandpa bill cooked us breakfast, and then we went over to grandma georgia's where we were again spoiled. We had Christmas Dinner with my family and then had some good old fashioned fun on the wii. Wait, guess not old fashioned but still fun none the less. Sunday after dinner we went over to Shannon's and played Just Dance on the wii. Too bad for you we didn't get any pictures, but it was definitely one of the funniest things ever. Ben was the best dancer of us all, and I'm the loser. I never have been coordinated enough to dance, but thought I was at least better than Reece, but guess not. The kids were so much fun this year. On Christmas Eve Parker kept shouting out from his bedroom, "mom, go to bed so Santa can come." He probably shouted that 6 or 7 times. He was so excited. Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts. We love you all!!

P.S. Santa brought Parker a RC four wheeler, and he was very excited about his 'surprise'. (That's what he wanted when he got his hat last week, 'just a surprise')


Colliers said...

Meagan, you look so great! I'm so jealous. You kids are adorable too.

Rye and Portia said...

cute kids and pictures!.....I've got a question for ya?? In the picture of you guys at the zoo, where did you get that stroller? haha! I have been looking for one and can not find one anywhere.

The Gardine's said...

Meag- You are so pretty! I love the hair color too.