Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finally an update of the Staheli's

Well what else is new. I loaded my pictures in the wrong order. So they are from the most recent to the oldest and I'm just giving a short update. The first picture is of the grandkids with their great grandparents (Georgia's parents). We went down to Bullhead for Thanksgiving and had a good time. The next one is my little trick or treaters. We just went around the block and that was plenty for Parker he was ready to go home. The next two are at the St. George Marathon 2010 watching grandpa Bill. Parker and Reece went hunting and Randan was in Afganistan, so it was just the girls. Grandma Becky, Kenz, Mace, and I. Mace had just finished a chocolate popsicle. The marathon was super hot and runners were dropping like flies but grandpa finished in a great time and looks great for being a grandpa! The last picture is at the Hogle Zoo. Reece and I took the kids up to the zoo for the first time. They loved seeing all the animals and seeing great grandma and grandpa Wallace. There's an update of four months in just a short paragraph. We are doing well and can't complain.

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