Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 months and no excuses!

Well its been four months since I updated. I guess I'm due for one before school starts or I'll never get it done. We've been enjoying our summer. No big plans this year just spending time with family.
  • We've been swimming lots.
  • We've been to the lake with Ben and Shannon.
  • We've been camping, fishing, and lots of rhino rides.
  • Parker played his first year of T-Ball and loved every second of it.
  • We've been to rodeos and Parker chased chickens with no luck.
  • Reece and I raced in the fun run and had personal best times since being old!
  • We watched the parade and had a few bbqs.
  • We watched fireworks in Parowan at aunt Rita's on the 4th and at Ben and Shannon's on the 24th.
  • Parker and Macee raced in the foot races at the church on the 4th and 24th. On the 4th Parker won. The 24th there were a lot more people but he still did good.
  • School got out and we're about to start again.
  • I'm changing from second to third grade and still need to move my classroom into the building.
  • Yesterday my dad was in a car accident. I'm so grateful he's fine and no one else was involved. Once again I was reminded not to take life for granted. We never know when our loved ones might leave this life. While we were in the ER a cute little mother brought in her sweet 3 month old baby who passed away from sids. I can't imagine the pain of losing a parent or child, and I'm so blessed my dad was able to come home with us.
  • We may be driving to Oceanside CA this weekend to help Kenz move back.
Pictures will hopefully be coming soon. My connection is too slow and I'm not patient enough to wait for them to load.


Mckenzie & Randan said...

yay, i love updates. even though i knew everything its still fun to read :) hope you guys come this weekend not cause we are desperate for help but because it'd be fun to have you down there! I'll miss you and your cute lil family so much tho! I was thinkin that yesterday, a trip to the ER sure makes you grateful for all u have! love ya!

Colten and Megan said...

Sorry to hear about your dad. I am glad everything is okay. So we are in one of your Niederhauser cousins ward out here in MN. They seem really nice. He asked if I knew your parents. Haha, Yeah I only spent half my growing up years at their house!!