Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another 4 months

Well, when you only update every four months the blog misses out on tons of pictures. We've been busy. Pictures are most recent to oldest. These are just a few highlights from the last 9 months. Parker played t ball and loved it. Reece and I took the kids to lake powell for a day and went fishing last spring. We caught tons of fish and had a blast. Mace was so wore out she fell asleep right on the sandstone in some shade created by the ice chest. Parker and Arhan are the best of friends and so much alike. Most summer days you'd find these two together riding bikes. This fall I've been to Oceanside twice. Wish it wasn't so far away and I'd go all the time. Mace loves her little cousin Emma so much. She names all her babies Emma. Reece and I went alone to help them move down, and then the kids and I went with my parents over labor day while Reece went hunting. The first of October, grandpa bill ran the St. George marathon. Mom and all us kids slept at the St. George house. Reece doesn't always make it to cheer grandpa bill on because of different hunts, but this year we were all there and it was a fun day with beautiful weather. My cute little trick or treaters were the cutest out there, and costumes were easy so that's always a plus. I may have influenced them a little on what they wanted to dress up as. Lastly: Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving was so good this year. We spent it in Enterprise for the first time since Reece and I have been married. We spent it with my family. Kenz, Randan, and Emma came up from Oceanside, and my aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandparents came down from Bountiful. We also got to see my dad's dad from Colorado Springs for lunch. It was such a good time. Kenz and I went black friday shoppin on Thursday night which was a first for both of us, we've never gone Thursday night before, but it was a blast. The walmart parking lot was packed from walmart to the petstore with nothing in between, except for the spot I was lucky enough to get three spots from the front doors. That was probably our biggest success. It was quite the night but we got what we were after! Wish they lived closer so we could do things more often. We stayed in town and got up for more on Friday. They boys were awesome and got the kids up and ready and brought them down, and even took them all shopping with them because we didn't have room. Good planning on our part.

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